jennifer fisher

The Art of Progressive Rock


My photographic style is minimalist

Keith Emerson Modular Moog


Festival photographs, RoSfest, for Progression Magazine review. 2016. Issue 70

David Gilmour. Concert Review, Los Angeles. Progression Magazine. 2016. Issue 69

Steve Hackett. Acolyte to Wolflight Tour Program. 2016

Ray Weston. Drummer. 2015

Iron Butterfly. Website images. 2015

Frak. Tijuana, Mexico. Band photographs, video inserts and brochure. 2015

Moon Safari. Live in Mexico. Album and sleeve insert photographs. 2014

Steve Hackett. Genesis Extended Tour Program. 2014

Steve Hackett. Hackettsongs. Website photographs

I have an extensive Media Library of images

Logo for Nad Sylvan, 2015

Muscician and composer

With Claude Martin, Artist, Quebec, Canada

atelier mARTin

Jennifer grew up in northern England and by early childhood developed a love for painting and the visual arts. By teenage years she was strongly influenced by Progressive Music. She intended to study Fine Art at University, however (and it is a long story) she studied Medicine at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

During her undergraduate years Jennifer worked as an artist, including music projects and in various galleries and museums.

She graduated in Medicine in 1978 and obtained her specialist certification and moved to Canada in 1984. Shortly afterwards she accepted a University position and specialized in Developmental Psychiatry. Jennifer currently holds university academic and hospital positions. Her area of expertise is children with complex Neuro-Devlopmental Disorders.

My formative years were in the 1960s and 1970s.

My love of art was instrumental but it was the love of music that was defining.